Stunning and subtle – boudoir photography for everyone

A woman posing on a bed draped in a red satin sheet
Boudoir photography is becoming more popular – but what exactly is it?

Have you ever looked at boudoir photography and decided it wasn’t for you?

Perhaps the idea conjures up images of embarrassing poses in a soulless studio or having to strip to your underwear in front of strangers.

It’s a common perception – but we’d like to dispel a few of the myths and share our own experiences and, who knows? After reading, you may decide you’d like to find out more – drop us a line and we’d love to have a chat.

So, to begin with, what exactly is boudoir photography? Boudoir translates as a woman’s bedroom, or private sitting room, and is a style of photography that is designed to celebrate the female form in all its different shapes and sizes.

A woman in a corset and suspenders
Lingerie is a popular choice for boudoir shoots but you can wear what you feel comfortable in

Exactly how that happens is a matter for the client and the photographer, but a few styles to consider include flirty, sexy, playful or glamorous. It’s about you – and if you feel at your best in a stunning set of lingerie then go for it, but if you’d rather wear one of your other half’s old shirts, or your favourite nightie, we can work with that too.

Think it’s not for someone like you? Think again. Boudoir photography is for everyone – whatever your age, size or shape. It is an amazing confidence booster, perhaps a present to yourself to mark a special achievement or event, or for a loved one as an anniversary or even wedding gift. It is for women who want something to look back on when they are older, for women who are older and want to prove they are still beautiful, or for women who would like to spice up their relationship.

A boudoir shot of a woman posing on a bed
A classic boudoir pose is subtle yet sexy – and designed to flatter


The photos can be just for you, or for you to share with a partner, or to proudly display for everyone to see. Think stunning yet subtle, artistic rather than in-your-face.

So you have wobbly bits? So does everyone. But you will have your own stylist to help you with hair, make-up, outfit and poses. We are experts on lighting, angles, poses and props to enhance your natural beauty. It is about you – as you are, not some overly made-up, unrecognisable, photoshopped version, but the true, gorgeous you.

Our studio is set over four floors with different rooms for you to use, including a lounge and bedroom setting, as well as your own dressing room to prepare. Our whole focus is on making sure you feel comfortable and confident so that your real beauty shines through.

Still not convinced? Give us a call and we can answer your questions without any obligation or hard sell. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

Three different boudoir shots
Why not see how beautiful you truly are with some stunning boudoir shots?

Do you want to build a snowman?

A young girl as Anna in a Frozen costume
Our studio turned sparkly when we held a day of Frozen photoshoots

It may be summer, but there was a distinct chill in the air in our studio last week – and it wasn’t because of the air conditioning!

We gave some of our clients a frosty reception, but they absolutely loved it as it was all part of our popular Frozen-inspired photoshoots.

Our latest session featured lots of little Annas and Elsas who were all more than happy to Let It Go in the style of their heroines from the smash hit Disney film.


Two sisters pose as Anna and Elsa from Frozen
A girl power theme added to the success of Frozen – just add your own sister!

It hasn’t disappointed, and the look on children’s faces is just magical every time.

And when they see the resulting images, and get the chance to live their dreams as a real-life Disney princess, it’s enough to make anyone burst into song…

We’re planning another Frozen session before the end of the summer holidays, so if you have someone who could do with some Disney magic in their lives – whatever their age! – do get in touch.

A little Elsa with Olaf the snowman
One of our Elsas with Olaf the snowman

The magic of the movie has still not faded (or should we say melted?) thanks to the winning combination of sing-a-long songs, girl power, a loveable reindeer and snowman and an unlikely iceman as a hero while the prince turns out to be the bad guy. If you haven’t seen it, we can highly recommend it – even if you don’t have children!

The stunning animation and cool blues with plenty of icy sparkle also makes for great images and we just knew we had to have our own Frozen set to use for photos.

Olaf the snowman and a little Anna  in a Frozen photoshoot
Olaf makes another friend

When a makeover is part of a total transformation

From this…

Emily before her weight-loss transformation
Emily before her weight-loss transformation

…to this – stunning!

Emily Case after her transformation
One of Emily’s favourite images after her makeover photoshoot – just gorgeous!

We are lucky enough to have some fantastic clients and it’s always lovely to see their reactions when we show them the results of their photoshoots with us.

But sometimes, the images we take are extra special because of the journey that person has been on to get to this point – and we’re not talking about mileage! This week, we were delighted to meet the lovely Emily Case, who had booked a makeover and studio session to celebrate losing weight – a whole 13.5 stones of it!

It was an emotional experience, as the last time Emily had posed for studio portraits, for a family photograph last year to mark her grandfather’s birthday, she was so unhappy with the way she looked that she desperately hoped her parents wouldn’t buy the prints. She told us she didn’t recognise the uncomfortable-looking girl in those photographs.

But this week, after shrinking from a size 28 to a 10 in just 18 months, she couldn’t wait to see the results!

Emily after her makeover and weight loss
Emily felt confident and comfortable during her photoshoot with us – and rightly so!

Emily, 22, who works as a trainee mortgage advisor and also has her own business as a nail technician, told us she had struggled with her weight since childhood and went on her first ‘diet’ aged just eight.

Years of cruel comments left her with very little self-confidence; her self-esteem was at an all-time low and her family were growing more and more concerned about her health. After many failed diets, her parents took her to have some blood tests and the results showed Emily suffers with hypothryoidism. The condition runs in the family and it left her feeling depressed, fatiqued and struggling to lose weight.

Emily hit breaking point after seeing pictures of herself at a wedding reception and this time she decided to finally take control for good. She began taking medication for her underactive thyroid and went on a calorie-controlled diet.

She told us: “I lost three stone myself but I had done a lot of research about the science of weight loss and I knew that a large percentage of morbidly obese people regain most of weight they lose within a few years. ”
“The odds were not in my favour and I really wanted to make sure that this time I turned things around completely.”

In June 2014, Emily took the drastic step of paying for private weight-loss surgery to give her the best chance of keeping the weight off for good.

She said: “I had been offered a gastric band when I was 16 but I turned it down. But this time I felt ready to make the changes and the surgery gave me the kick start I needed.”

Pre-surgery, Emily led a very sedentary life, sitting for up to 10 hours a day working as a nail technician. Instead of eating a balanced diet of healthy meals, she grabbed whatever was to hand in between seeing clients. In just 18 months, she put on approximately four stone thanks to her bad habits.

But now, she has a new love of sport and enjoys running, clocking up an average of 10 miles per week. She has also taken up horse-riding – something she enjoyed as a child but couldn’t do for years because of her weight.

Emily posing after her weight loss
Emily posing after her weight loss

Emily also eats a high-protein, low-carb diet with strict portion control, eating around 1,200 calories a day to maintain her weight. Unlike a gastric band, which can be adjusted to control the amount of food a person can eat, she opted for a gastric bypass, which is permanent. Surgeons sectioned off a small part of her stomach, connecting it directly to the small intestine, meaning it takes less food for her to feel full, and fewer calories are absorbed from whatever she eats.

Emily said: “Despite the weight loss, I don’t really feel any different until I look in the mirror! I had been in denial about how big I was. I knew what size my clothes were when I was bigger but I rarely looked in the mirror back then and I hated seeing photos of myself.

“When I had some photos taken early last year for a family portrait, I didn’t recognise myself. I hated those pictures. But with Doug and Sheila at Style Photography, I felt so confident and at ease.

“I wanted to treat myself to the photos to celebrate reaching my goal and to have proof of the difference in myself; not just physically but emotionally too. It has been a long journey but it is lovely to know that the girl in those photos is me.”

It certainly is – and we’re delighted to be part of that celebration.

Take holiday photos to be proud of…

A couple walk hand-in-hand along a country lane with their suitcases
Heading off on holiday? Don’t forget to pack your camera…

August is here and for many that means the annual getaway has begun.

Thousands of people will sail, fly or drive away in search of sun, sea and sand or culture, countryside and cocktails and you can be sure that there will be plenty of holiday snaps to show when they return.

But while wonky selfies and those endless ‘legs on the sun lounger’ shots are fine for social media, how can you capture great photos that will really tell the story of your break?

As with most things, it’s important to be prepared. Check the batteries, bring spare batteries, check the memory card. Make sure you know how your camera works. And it really is worth bringing your proper camera rather than relying on your phone to take quick shots.

Consider what you want the images for. Are you planning to put together a scrapbook? Do you want to produce a collage of holiday images for your wall? Or do you want some happy family shots that you can frame and give as gifts?

A toddler wearing sunglasses
Accessories can evoke holiday memories

Once you’ve decided, let this guide what you photograph. For a scrapbook, little details count so record the hotel room, the pool – anything that will help set the scene for your holiday. For a collage, think big – stunning scenery, instantly recognisable location shots and happy action photos work best. And if you want images of your family in a different location, then think about the positioning of the people for best effect.

Usually, when you are taking a portrait of someone, you want to try to fill the frame with their image, ie leave as little background as possible. But for a holiday shot, the location is key so it’s important to include that in the image. But how can you do that without ending up with a tiny dot of a person next to whatever landmark you have chosen?

First of all, position the shot so the landmark is to one side. Then you can place the person to the other side. Bring the person forward, nearer the camera and further away from the background object in order to fit it all in.

If you’re photographing a group of people, a triangle is a much more interesting shape to have them in than a line. This doesn’t mean they all need to adopt yoga poses, but rather that they should be positioned to form a triangle of some sort. You can do this by bringing some of the people forward, by changing the height of people using chairs or stairs or by arranging them in a triangle formation then using height to your advantage to take the shot from above.

A toddler paddles in the sea
Fun moments are not always posed so be prepared

Posed photos are useful to record who was there, but often the best images are the spontaneous ones that capture a moment in time – children playing in the pool, a walk in the woods or an early morning by the campfire. Don’t be afraid to shoot first and ask questions later – or in other words, press the button and see what you end up with!

You don’t need to travel halfway round the world to take great photos this summer – there is plenty going on in and around Herne Bay and plenty of beauty spots that are worth exploring. Have a look at our  post on locations for inspiration, and feel free to share the results!