Baby photography, princess-style…

Princess charlotte baby photo
Princess Charlotte giggles at her toy dog in an image taken by her mother, Kate Middletone

Everyone loves a baby photo, and when the baby in question is one of the most famous in the world then it’s easy to see why the images have gone global.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has not been seen in public since her christening in July and her proud parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have now released two gorgeous photos of her, reportedly as a thank you to the media for respecting their requests for privacy.

There is no denying that she is a little cutie, with her big blue eyes and adorable grin, and it is also clear that her mum is confident behind the camera; like the previous images released, these photos were taken at the family’s Norfolk home and have been shared all over the world.

So what is it about the snaps that make them so adorable?

Well, first of all, it helps that the little princess is clearly on good form. She’s relaxed and happy, and in an environment where she feels comfortable.

The chair she is photographed on is an ideal backdrop, with neutral colours that complement her outfit and skin tones, creating a natural frame for the image without creating unnecessary distraction.

The lighting is interesting – there’s a window in the background and what looks like natural light falling on Charlotte’s face too, suggesting she’s sitting near another window.

Then of course there’s the prop, the teddy bear that brings such delight to the face of the little princess.

So what can us non-royal people take from this? Plenty, as it happens.

Princess Charlotte aged six months
Another image taken by Kate Middleton and released by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

If you are planning on photographing your own little ones, make sure they are in a good mood, not hungry or tired. You may not have a royal chair to hand but you can pick a background that will not compete with the focus of your photograph – a plain sofa would work, or a rug. It is probably safer to keep the outfit fairly plain too to make sure your little one’s happy face is what catches the eye.

Daylight is easiest to work with outside of the studio so follow the Duchess of Cambridge’s lead and choose somewhere with natural light. And props are always a winner, whether it’s to elicit a cheeky grin like Princess Charlotte’s, or simply to encourage your little one to look in the right direction.

Of course, if that all sounds like too much hard work, you can always give us a call and find out more about our cherubs packages to capture those precious moments over your baby’s first year, or book a family portrait session and let us treat you like royalty…

A deer to cheer…

Baby hands

The world is often full of terrible news and human tragedies. So when you find something beautiful to lift the spirits, it’s worth sharing it far and wide.

There is beauty in our studio every single day, and we like to think magic can be found there as well. But even we have to concede that we’ve never had a friendly deer gatecrash one of our portrait sessions.

That’s just what happened in Louisiana during a newborn photoshoot, and the resulting images are as stunning as you would expect.

We can’t offer you deer, but we do know the best Kent locations for outdoor photography and you may spot a duck or a squirrel or two.

And inside the studio next week you may even find a snowman or two as we host another of our popular Frozen photoshoots…get in touch for more information.

Teenage photography without the traumas

Two girls having fun at a teen makeover session
Two girls having fun at a teen makeover session
A makeover session in our studio can help teens discover their true beauty

We’ve written before about the challenges photographing babies and toddlers can bring, but what about teenagers, or indeed tweenagers?

It goes without saying that it’s a whole different story – try waving a rattle in the direction of your teenager and you’ll see immediately why.

They are just as gorgeous as they were when they were younger, of course, but as they get older they can find it more difficult to recognise that or to enjoy their experience in front of the camera.

It’s a sad fact that a throwaway comment from a passing stranger can hold more weight than all the compliments of a loving parent, but it’s a fact that we can also use to our advantage.

Teenagers are often happiest in groups, and that’s why we find our party packages are among the most popular we offer for that age group. It can be very daunting to have the sole focus on just one person, especially if you are not entirely comfortable in your own skin yet, but add your friends and it’s much more fun.

Teenager with hat on
Allowing your teenager to chose their outfits and express themselves can help them feel more comfortable

Over half term, we have had several makeover sessions with beautiful young ladies; they were stunning to begin with but, with the right make-up to enhance their features, studio lighting and tips on the best poses, they could really see it for themselves.

You may have a different opinion for the perfect outfit to theirs, so bring both and see what works – you may be surprised!

Of course, it’s a lot easier for us as professionals to share tips, especially when we are not related to the teenagers we are photographing. But if you are taking the pictures yourself, a lot of the same advice applies.

It’s also worth gaining their trust by showing them the images as you take them, thanks to the magic of digital photography. You never know – when they see how good they look, they may be more willing to co-operate for the rest of the session.