Put dad in the picture this Fathers’ Day



Dads can be difficult to buy for at the best of times. And as well as birthdays and Christmas, there’s the added challenge of Fathers’ Day, and finding a meaningful present to celebrate his role in your family.

Socks just won’t cut it, and there’s only so many wallets or novelty mugs and glasses one man needs.

So what about a photographic gift? Of course, we would suggest that, but there are so many options and it truly is a present that lasts a lifetime._DSC3374Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Portrait session: Is dad always the one behind the camera? Are your walls and albums full of photos of mum and the kids, grandparents and kids, or kids and more kids? So why not take the day as an opportunity to create a family portrait that captures the spirit of everyone at this moment in time? You can bring favourite items along with you, whether it’s the kids’ toys or teddies or dad’s golf clubs or football kit.

Speaking of football, how about a football-themed shoot? You may have seen the photo we shared a few weeks ago – imagine how pleased your football fan would be to be pictured in a similar style, wearing the colours of his favourite team. If there are younger football fans in the family, bring them along too!shoot_for_the_shirt-36537_big copy

Collage: Hands up if you’ve got dozens of photos on your phone, laptop, camera or even facebook that never make it into a physical form. Why not take the opportunity to turn them into something special? Whether it’s a multi-photo frame, or a collage in the truest sense, it will make a gift that is a real one-off and that could not be more personal.

If that all sounds a bit too complicated, give us a call and we can create one for you – a family portrait with a difference, celebrating each individual’s role and personality and how they interact to make the whole.

Of course, there are some people who can think of nothing worse than facing the camera and, while we promise we can make even the most reluctant model feel comfortable, we appreciate it’s not a great present if it’s something your dad will dread. So how about a photo of the kids? We have so many different options to present the finished item that you’re bound to find one he will love, whether it’s for home or his office.

Whatever you choose, make sure you remember to let him know how much you all love him, and to thank him for all he does, from wrestling sessions and fixing broken toys to organising teddy bears’ picnics and acting as your model for a hairdressing session. Dads – we love you all!

Making the most of your studio portrait session

Toddler in a colourful hat
Accessories make photos more personal

Hands up if you hate having your photo taken? Does it make you feel awkward, uncomfortable and wary of that fake cheesy grin?

You’re not alone – in fact if we asked that question in a room of 10 people, at least seven would have their hands in the air now.

But photographs are the perfect way to capture a moment in time, a stage in your family life or a special occasion, so how can you make the most of them?

The first and most straight-forward step is to make sure you feel comfortable. We can help out there by putting you at ease, making sure we know exactly what you want – and what you don’t want.

We always recommend that people bring at least two changes of clothing to a studio photoshoot, with a mix of casual and smart clothes. And while it may be tempting to drag out that dress you wore to Aunt Freda’s wedding six years ago, you would probably feel more comfortable in something more recent that you know fits well so you won’t be worrying about revealing more than you intended to.

Similarly, fashion magazines may be extolling the virtues of this season’s must-have pattern, but it’s best to stick to plainer fabrics for photographs. If there will be a group of you, try co-ordinating looks by choosing pieces in the same colour spectrum, or perhaps neutral with one brightly coloured piece.

The photoshoot will be fun, we promise, and it will be even better if you bring something that represents you or your personality. Whether it’s a football kit or a musical instrument, your shoe collection or a Beatles LP, it will help make the resulting images even more special.

Feel free to accessorise too, with sunglasses, hats, feather boas or fans – anything that will help tell your story.

And if you are bringing children, bring some toys too – they will relax more quickly if they have familiar things around them, and it will also bring back memories as they grow and look back at the photos. You can even add a soundtrack by playing some favourite music from your phone.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves, so do bring a friend or relative if it will help you relax. We can accommodate up to 20 people in the studio, but do let us know who will be coming.

And if you have any questions, do get in touch – we’re here to help make it a magical experience that results in images you’ll treasure for years to come.

It’s a girl!

A newborn baby girl with pink background
This little princess was just 12 days old when she had her first photoshoot

So the news we’ve all been waiting for is here – Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has given birth to a baby girl.

It’s lovely news for the nation and we’d like to add our congratulations to those already flooding in for the proud parents, the Duchess and Prince William.

The little princess will share her birthday with dozens of other babies, all equally precious, and who knows what lies in store for them?

One thing is for certain – time will fly past and in what feels like the blink of an eye those exhausting newborn days will be over and each little cherub will start developing their own personality and preferences.

It’s such an amazing time, to see a little person grow and change in front of your eyes, and what better way to capture the magic of those memories than a beautiful photo when your little one is just days old?

Our team are specially trained in working with your precious little bundle of joy, and we work at the baby’s pace and around their routine.

So royal baby or not, if you’d like some images that are fit for a prince or princess, why not give us a call or drop us a line?

Ask about our Baby of the Month competition too….with entries judged by Facebook users and a panel of mums and photographers, it doesn’t matter whether you’re fourth in line to the throne or nowhere near it – everyone is in with a chance.