Photographing the little ones this half term? Read this first…

Baby dressed as pumpkin
Half term is a great opportunity to take seasonal photos of your little pumpkins

Half term is upon us and it’s the perfect opportunity to get the camera out and try again to get that perfect picture of your little darlings – perhaps even one that could end up on the wall or in a frame as a present for the grandparents at Christmas.

But anyone who has ever tried to photograph small children will know it’s easier said than done, especially if you are trying to include more than one in the same shot.

Photographing babies, toddlers and their older siblings is a huge part of what we do at our studio in Herne Bay High Street, and we understand the difficulties. It’s perhaps easier for us as we have baskets full of tempting toys to capture their interest, plus with Doug behind the camera you can focus on pulling funny faces or keeping them in one place.

Two babies by their parents' legs
Don’t be afraid to get down on the floor when photographing children

But if you are attempting it yourself, there are a few things it’s worth considering.
First of all, the location. Outdoors will usually offer the best light, even on a dull autumn day, and it can also offer the best opportunities for action shots of happy children.

Pick your time carefully – ideally when they are not tired, and have eaten. And try to remember to have fun as the focus, with pictures as a happy byproduct. That way, you can avoid a lot of the stress by taking the pressure off.

Don’t worry about setting up the perfect pose but instead let them have fun while you watch and snap away. You might surprise yourself with the results.

A toddler wearing sunglasses
Accessories can evoke holiday memories

When you are taking the photos, try to get down to their level for a better shot, and don’t be too far away. You are aiming to fill the frame – the image you see in the viewfinder – with the photo you want, so if there is too much background then move closer.

Think creatively: trees, gates, flowers or other objects around can be great props, and also great fun for hide-and-seek or climbing.

And if all else fails, we still have some spaces over half term in the studio. It’s warm, dry and a great image is pretty much guaranteed. And if your little one is 12 months or younger, you can also enter them into the Baby of the Month competition for free….what are you waiting for?!

More Baby of the Month success…

Jacob with model boat and lifering

Remember this post from earlier this year?

Well, we’re equally delighted wto receive news this week that not one but two of our images have been successful in the national competition.

Newborn Brooke wrapped up like a present
Brooke’s portrait for the Baby of the Month competition

Adorable Brooke, packaged up as the perfect present, was placed joint third in scores from a panel of mums, while baby Jacob’s cheeky grin and shipshape sea-themed photo took third place in scores from a panel of professional photographers in the Baby of the Month competition.

Jacob with model boat and lifering
Maritime mischief abounds in this potrait of Jacob

When the scores were combined with points based on the number of Facebook likes each of the 500 entries received for the August competition, it meant we took two of the five runner-up spots, with prizes of swimming equipment worth £50 for each baby and their proud mums, Claire Sears and Holly Wickham.

It’s always gratifying to have your work recognised, especially by your peers, and we were particularly pleased that two very different shots were chosen.

As we’ve said before (like here…), we are trained in handling delicate newborns and  creating poses like the one seen in Brooke’s photo, and it’s not something that parents can do at home.

But it also takes skill to set up shots like Jacob’s, starting with making him and mum feel comfortable and then trying to get him to look at the camera, smile and stay in the right place!

Add to that our desire to create images that stand out from the crowd, that capture the magic of those precious newborn days,  and the developing personality of your little one, and it becomes quite a task.

Despite that, photographing babies is still some of our favourite work, and it’s reward enough to be able to share the images with parents and see the look on their faces.

Winning competitions is just the icing on the cake!

If you’d like to enter your little one in the Baby of the Month competition, for free, do get in touch – call 01227 370650 or text BOMCOMP to 07824 166141.