Christmas shopping sorted!

A woman posing on a bed draped in a red satin sheet
Baby in a basket with teddy
Photographic gifts make great presents for the whole family – whether it’s a beautiful print or a portrait session

Christmas shopping season is well underway, but we have some good news to save you from braving the crowds and the cold.

Here at Style Photography we can offer perfect presents for the whole family, whether it’s a voucher for a portrait session or a print to take pride of place on the mantelpiece.

Don’t believe us? Read on for our guide to gifts that are unique, thoughtful and will bring joy for years to come…

We’ve drawn up a list for our photography family to show that there is an option for everyone – just get in touch for more information.

Mum: As well as a volunteer to do the washing up, or the opportunity to have a bath in peace, most mums love having the whole family together. So why not book a family photoshoot, meaning that not only will her wish come true (just make sure everyone is free on the same day first!), but she’ll also have some beautiful images to treasure forever. You can even combine it with a makeover for mum, or organise lunch or an afternoon tea for the same day.

Dad: Football-loving dad? How about letting him live out his dreams with a photoshoot featuring him wearing his favourite team’s kit?

A man in a Chelsea shirt with stadium backdrop
Would your dad like to put himself in the picture like his footballing heroes?

The results are seriously impressive and will make him feel like Ronaldo or Rooney, even if in reality he’s more Sunday league. Or if your dad is more into business than ball sports, how about a lovely print of the children or grandchildren that he can keep on his desk?

Brother: See our dad’s suggestion if your brother sees himself as the next David Beckham. Or if he’s grown up with a family of his own, how about a voucher for a family photoshoot? If he has very small children, our Cherubs package could be perfect and also means you’re likely to be rewarded with a copy of one of the beautiful images to remind you just how cute your little niece or nephew is.

Sister: We offer a range of makeover sessions that could be perfect for your sister, from shoots designed for teenagers to boudoir portraits that will leave her looking and feeling gorgeous. Of course, if you’d rather play it safe and involve the whole family, then the family photoshoot options outlined above would also work well.

Uncle: We’re going to mention football again – you could even get the boys all together, assuming they support the same team! If they don’t, how about abandoning friendly rivalry and going for a family shoot that is men-only – the results could be simply stunning.

A boudoir shot of a woman posing on a bed
A classic boudoir pose is subtle yet sexy – and designed to flatter

Aunt: There are a host of options that could work for your aunt, depending on her personality and your relationship. From the boudoir or makeover shoots, to vouchers for family sessions or a beautiful image showing all the cousins together – get in touch if you need some help narrowing it down.

Cousin: Cousins can be difficult to buy for, but there is no need to resort to socks or smellies. Instead, how about inviting them to a family photoshoot that gets everyone together? Or you can get creative with prints and use them to make a collage of the whole family to remember the fun you all have.

Grandparents: If your grandparents are anything like ours, their house will be full of photos documenting the family over the years. So why not bring the collection up to date with an image showing everyone all together – including them!

Family portrait of girls together
A family portrait could be the perfect present for grandparents this Christmas

Or perhaps a photo of the newest additions, or images from a fun shoot featuring props that highlight each members’ personality or hobbies?

Niece: A Frozen-inspired photoshoot – take a look at some of the great images we have produced for other little Anas and Elsas! Or if she’s older, one of our makeover packages could be great at reminding her just how beautiful she is.

Nephew: Your little nephew may like to spend a morning as Olaf, especially if his sister is being one of the Frozen princesses, and it means you can tick two gifts off the list at once. But older boys may prefer the football-inspired shoots above, or if their hobby is mountain climbing or scuba diving, we can even incorporate that into a portrait session.

Friend: Let your friend discover how stunning she really is with a boudoir session or makeover shoot. And you can even book the same for you and make it an experience you share together – happy Christmas to you both!

The ideas above will hopefully have provided some inspiration for your shopping this year but if you have someone else who is hard to buy for, or if you would like more information or suggestion, please do get in touch. Give us a call, drop us an email or pop into our convenient High Street shop – it’s nice and warm and you can park for free on the streets nearby. See you soon!

Take holiday photos to be proud of…

A couple walk hand-in-hand along a country lane with their suitcases
Heading off on holiday? Don’t forget to pack your camera…

August is here and for many that means the annual getaway has begun.

Thousands of people will sail, fly or drive away in search of sun, sea and sand or culture, countryside and cocktails and you can be sure that there will be plenty of holiday snaps to show when they return.

But while wonky selfies and those endless ‘legs on the sun lounger’ shots are fine for social media, how can you capture great photos that will really tell the story of your break?

As with most things, it’s important to be prepared. Check the batteries, bring spare batteries, check the memory card. Make sure you know how your camera works. And it really is worth bringing your proper camera rather than relying on your phone to take quick shots.

Consider what you want the images for. Are you planning to put together a scrapbook? Do you want to produce a collage of holiday images for your wall? Or do you want some happy family shots that you can frame and give as gifts?

A toddler wearing sunglasses
Accessories can evoke holiday memories

Once you’ve decided, let this guide what you photograph. For a scrapbook, little details count so record the hotel room, the pool – anything that will help set the scene for your holiday. For a collage, think big – stunning scenery, instantly recognisable location shots and happy action photos work best. And if you want images of your family in a different location, then think about the positioning of the people for best effect.

Usually, when you are taking a portrait of someone, you want to try to fill the frame with their image, ie leave as little background as possible. But for a holiday shot, the location is key so it’s important to include that in the image. But how can you do that without ending up with a tiny dot of a person next to whatever landmark you have chosen?

First of all, position the shot so the landmark is to one side. Then you can place the person to the other side. Bring the person forward, nearer the camera and further away from the background object in order to fit it all in.

If you’re photographing a group of people, a triangle is a much more interesting shape to have them in than a line. This doesn’t mean they all need to adopt yoga poses, but rather that they should be positioned to form a triangle of some sort. You can do this by bringing some of the people forward, by changing the height of people using chairs or stairs or by arranging them in a triangle formation then using height to your advantage to take the shot from above.

A toddler paddles in the sea
Fun moments are not always posed so be prepared

Posed photos are useful to record who was there, but often the best images are the spontaneous ones that capture a moment in time – children playing in the pool, a walk in the woods or an early morning by the campfire. Don’t be afraid to shoot first and ask questions later – or in other words, press the button and see what you end up with!

You don’t need to travel halfway round the world to take great photos this summer – there is plenty going on in and around Herne Bay and plenty of beauty spots that are worth exploring. Have a look at our  post on locations for inspiration, and feel free to share the results!