Your Beauty Club are delighted to confirm your choice of  a complimentary
‘Model Makeover Experience’ or ‘Boudoir Portrait Experience’.

“Your Makeover or Boudoir Experience with one beautiful complimentary shelf portrait to keep and cherish forever!”

Thank you for choosing  to register with My Beauty Club for a complimentary Beauty Experience with inclusive print, you will love it!

We are multi-award winning  beauty studio,  Style Photography is conveniently located in Kent.

You are just a few steps away from completing arrangements for your session.

Makeover Experience

makeover photographer kent
Your Complimentary Beauty Club Makeover Experience includes:

  • Pre Phone Consultation
  • Professional Makeup & Hairstyling
  • Fashion/Beauty Photoshoot
  • Personal Cinema Style Presentation
  • Fully Retouched Professional Lab Printed 10×8 Image Of Your Choice
  • Additional Images Available At Reduced Rates

Multi-Award Winning Beauty Photographers (inc Fresh Photographer of the Year)Total Value  Your Beauty Club Member Session £120

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Make A Day Of It!
UPGRADE to Mother & Daugher x2 Sessions only  £20

mother daughter makeover

Boudoir Experience
Discover your true beauty with a sensual boudoir photoshoot at beauty experts Style Photography.  Feel empowered and gain confidence for you  or for that someone special.
boudoir photographer kent
Your Complimentary Beauty Club Boudoir Experience with Style Photography  includes:

  • Pre Phone Consultation
  • Professional Makeup & Hairstyling
  • Boudoir Photoshoot
  • Personal Cinema Style Presentation
  • Fully Retouched Professional Lab Printed 10×8 Image Of Your Choice
  • Additional Images Available At Reduced Rates

Multi-Award Winning Beauty Photographers (inc Fresh Photographer of the Year) Total Value £120

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Make It A Date!

In order to proceed you need to call our studio direct and complete arrangements for your session.

(Refundable Deposit Required To Secure Booking)

01227 370650

Style Photography
71 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5LQ.


Style Boudoir

The Beauty Experience You Always Promised Yourself!



Discover More About Style Boudoir

Welcome to Style Boudoir the home of artistic boudoir and beauty photography.
StyleBoudoir is redefining the meaning of true beauty.
A beautiful woman is someone who not only feels beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.
With StyleBoudoir we wanted to create a very special,
and exclusive place for our artistic boudoir photography.


The Home of Artistic Beauty Photography
With StyleBoudoir we wanted to create a very special,
and exclusive place for our artistic boudoir photography. It’s with great excitment we welcome you to our High Street gallery/studio, and
home of our parent business (style photography).
With amazing facilities covering four floors, boasting prep/room for hair/make-up, genuine lounge and bedroom areas, modern and vintage furnishings, and studio facilities to give a sophisticated and unique look to your boudoir portraits.
It is the desire of all women to look and feel beautiful whatever shape or size. Our experienced team of specialists have the skills to put you at ease and assist your transformation.
You will be assigned your own personal stylist and photographer,
they will be with you throughout your session. They have studied body angles, lighting, and posing for many years and know the combinations of techniques that will flatter you the most.


Your True Beauty
StyleBoudoir will not edit you in photoshop so you look like someone you are not.
You are beautiful just the way you are!
Trust Style to bring out your best, with classic lighting, posing and discreet enhancements.
StyleBoudoir helps you love who you are today.
You will experience an unveiling of your true self,
capturing your beauty forever with an uplifting, and unforgettable time.
You will be able to say, “I am Beautiful.”
We  offer a unique  brand of artistic beauty photography.
But unlike other similar photography sessions our focus is on more than just your photos.
You will feel enlightened by the whole experience.
Now for the first time you can feel empowered to walk into our boudoir studio with the confidence of a truly personal experience.

What There Saying . . .

Amy Cullen
“Thank you Sheila and Doug for the most amazing experience!! You both done such a wonderful job of putting me at ease. Sheila you worked magic with my make up, I can’t thank you guys enough. I am totally wowed by my album, I can’t stop looking at it.”

Hannah Grout
“Genuine lovely professionals. Had a wonderful morning/ afternoon being made to feel like a supermodel. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you x”

Christina Rowbottom
I can’t recommend highly enough… Amazing…
To say I was a nervous wreck when I arrived, is an understatement…
But thanks to the lovely Sheila & Doug… I had an amazing time…
Secretly I didn’t want it to end…
The photos are amazing… It was hard to choose… But I managed…
I can honestly say I sat and cried when the album arrived… I was/am that pleased with it…
it had the desired effect toooooooo….
Extremely happy to say the very least……”



If you prefer to discuss session arrangements call Sheila now on
01227 370650

Christmas shopping sorted!

A woman posing on a bed draped in a red satin sheet
Baby in a basket with teddy
Photographic gifts make great presents for the whole family – whether it’s a beautiful print or a portrait session

Christmas shopping season is well underway, but we have some good news to save you from braving the crowds and the cold.

Here at Style Photography we can offer perfect presents for the whole family, whether it’s a voucher for a portrait session or a print to take pride of place on the mantelpiece.

Don’t believe us? Read on for our guide to gifts that are unique, thoughtful and will bring joy for years to come…

We’ve drawn up a list for our photography family to show that there is an option for everyone – just get in touch for more information.

Mum: As well as a volunteer to do the washing up, or the opportunity to have a bath in peace, most mums love having the whole family together. So why not book a family photoshoot, meaning that not only will her wish come true (just make sure everyone is free on the same day first!), but she’ll also have some beautiful images to treasure forever. You can even combine it with a makeover for mum, or organise lunch or an afternoon tea for the same day.

Dad: Football-loving dad? How about letting him live out his dreams with a photoshoot featuring him wearing his favourite team’s kit?

A man in a Chelsea shirt with stadium backdrop
Would your dad like to put himself in the picture like his footballing heroes?

The results are seriously impressive and will make him feel like Ronaldo or Rooney, even if in reality he’s more Sunday league. Or if your dad is more into business than ball sports, how about a lovely print of the children or grandchildren that he can keep on his desk?

Brother: See our dad’s suggestion if your brother sees himself as the next David Beckham. Or if he’s grown up with a family of his own, how about a voucher for a family photoshoot? If he has very small children, our Cherubs package could be perfect and also means you’re likely to be rewarded with a copy of one of the beautiful images to remind you just how cute your little niece or nephew is.

Sister: We offer a range of makeover sessions that could be perfect for your sister, from shoots designed for teenagers to boudoir portraits that will leave her looking and feeling gorgeous. Of course, if you’d rather play it safe and involve the whole family, then the family photoshoot options outlined above would also work well.

Uncle: We’re going to mention football again – you could even get the boys all together, assuming they support the same team! If they don’t, how about abandoning friendly rivalry and going for a family shoot that is men-only – the results could be simply stunning.

A boudoir shot of a woman posing on a bed
A classic boudoir pose is subtle yet sexy – and designed to flatter

Aunt: There are a host of options that could work for your aunt, depending on her personality and your relationship. From the boudoir or makeover shoots, to vouchers for family sessions or a beautiful image showing all the cousins together – get in touch if you need some help narrowing it down.

Cousin: Cousins can be difficult to buy for, but there is no need to resort to socks or smellies. Instead, how about inviting them to a family photoshoot that gets everyone together? Or you can get creative with prints and use them to make a collage of the whole family to remember the fun you all have.

Grandparents: If your grandparents are anything like ours, their house will be full of photos documenting the family over the years. So why not bring the collection up to date with an image showing everyone all together – including them!

Family portrait of girls together
A family portrait could be the perfect present for grandparents this Christmas

Or perhaps a photo of the newest additions, or images from a fun shoot featuring props that highlight each members’ personality or hobbies?

Niece: A Frozen-inspired photoshoot – take a look at some of the great images we have produced for other little Anas and Elsas! Or if she’s older, one of our makeover packages could be great at reminding her just how beautiful she is.

Nephew: Your little nephew may like to spend a morning as Olaf, especially if his sister is being one of the Frozen princesses, and it means you can tick two gifts off the list at once. But older boys may prefer the football-inspired shoots above, or if their hobby is mountain climbing or scuba diving, we can even incorporate that into a portrait session.

Friend: Let your friend discover how stunning she really is with a boudoir session or makeover shoot. And you can even book the same for you and make it an experience you share together – happy Christmas to you both!

The ideas above will hopefully have provided some inspiration for your shopping this year but if you have someone else who is hard to buy for, or if you would like more information or suggestion, please do get in touch. Give us a call, drop us an email or pop into our convenient High Street shop – it’s nice and warm and you can park for free on the streets nearby. See you soon!

Stunning and subtle – boudoir photography for everyone

A woman posing on a bed draped in a red satin sheet
Boudoir photography is becoming more popular – but what exactly is it?

Have you ever looked at boudoir photography and decided it wasn’t for you?

Perhaps the idea conjures up images of embarrassing poses in a soulless studio or having to strip to your underwear in front of strangers.

It’s a common perception – but we’d like to dispel a few of the myths and share our own experiences and, who knows? After reading, you may decide you’d like to find out more – drop us a line and we’d love to have a chat.

So, to begin with, what exactly is boudoir photography? Boudoir translates as a woman’s bedroom, or private sitting room, and is a style of photography that is designed to celebrate the female form in all its different shapes and sizes.

A woman in a corset and suspenders
Lingerie is a popular choice for boudoir shoots but you can wear what you feel comfortable in

Exactly how that happens is a matter for the client and the photographer, but a few styles to consider include flirty, sexy, playful or glamorous. It’s about you – and if you feel at your best in a stunning set of lingerie then go for it, but if you’d rather wear one of your other half’s old shirts, or your favourite nightie, we can work with that too.

Think it’s not for someone like you? Think again. Boudoir photography is for everyone – whatever your age, size or shape. It is an amazing confidence booster, perhaps a present to yourself to mark a special achievement or event, or for a loved one as an anniversary or even wedding gift. It is for women who want something to look back on when they are older, for women who are older and want to prove they are still beautiful, or for women who would like to spice up their relationship.

A boudoir shot of a woman posing on a bed
A classic boudoir pose is subtle yet sexy – and designed to flatter


The photos can be just for you, or for you to share with a partner, or to proudly display for everyone to see. Think stunning yet subtle, artistic rather than in-your-face.

So you have wobbly bits? So does everyone. But you will have your own stylist to help you with hair, make-up, outfit and poses. We are experts on lighting, angles, poses and props to enhance your natural beauty. It is about you – as you are, not some overly made-up, unrecognisable, photoshopped version, but the true, gorgeous you.

Our studio is set over four floors with different rooms for you to use, including a lounge and bedroom setting, as well as your own dressing room to prepare. Our whole focus is on making sure you feel comfortable and confident so that your real beauty shines through.

Still not convinced? Give us a call and we can answer your questions without any obligation or hard sell. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

Three different boudoir shots
Why not see how beautiful you truly are with some stunning boudoir shots?