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Location, location, location…

Kent is known as the Garden of England, and with good reason.

We are surrounded by stunning scenery, with coast and countryside both on our doorstep, and with a host of beautiful locations to choose from as a natural photo backdrop.

Of course, there are times when you’ll want the comfort of our fully equipped High Street studio for your family photographs, including newborn shoots when the temperature is key, or bump or boudoir sessions when privacy is important.

But at other times, it’s often a real treat to be inspired by our natural landscape and to take to the great outdoors for some truly memorable images.

We’re lucky enough to be the official Herne Bay Carnival Court photographers, which means that every year we work with Miss Herne Bay and her princesses to take publicity images and to create keepsakes as a memento of their year.

The 2014 Herne Bay Carnival Court on location

The 2014 Herne Bay carnival court on location

There are very few locations we haven’t visited with various carnival queens and the rest of the court over the years, and Reculver is one of our favourites. The ruins of the original St Mary’s Church make a fantastic location for dramatic shots, and the wild and often windswept country park can also be a wonderful inspiration.

The bandstand right in the middle of Herne Bay’s seafront is another location that would be easy to overlook, but with the skills and knowledge we have acquired and the hard work of the council’s contractors and Herne Bay in Bloom volunteers it becomes a picturesque setting.

The beach itself is always popular and there are coves and bays right around the Kentish coastline that suit different situations and moods. We know all the best ones, whether you want seclusion and sand or pebbles and pools, and can work with the light, the tides and our ever-changeable British weather to make sure the photographs are everything you’d imagined, and more.

A baby after its christening

For christenings, whether it’s a Royal baby or not, it’s important to be able to work with the location

Of course, sometimes the location is determined by an event or occasion, such as a christening like that of little Princess Charlotte, who was joined by the rest of the Royal family in Sandringham today.

And in that case you can rely on the Style Photography team to prepare beforehand, identifying the best areas of light and shade and spotting any potential pitfalls.

After all, even if your guestlist doesn’t include the Queen, you won’t want to risk anyone being hidden by a pillar or squashed in a dark corner! We may even have been able to advise the Duchess of Cornwall on an alternative way in that would have avoided the gust of wind that almost led to red faces all round…

The Duchess of Cornwall has a Marilyn Monroe moment at Princess Charlotte's christening

The Duchess of Cornwall has a Marilyn Monroe moment at Princess Charlotte’s christening. Photo: The Telegraph

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