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Capturing memories when your children are teenagers…

Two girls having fun at a teen makeover session

A makeover session in our studio may prove the easiest option

School’s out for summer – and for some of our young people, this summer marks the end of an era as they leave the classroom behind and move on to other things.

As with other special occasions, it’s natural to want a photographic record of the day, and perhaps to record the changes from their first day at school to their last.

But teenagers can be unwilling models, and it would be easy to let the whole process degenerate into a frustrating battle of wills.

So, how can you get good shots of your beautiful sons and daughters without the sighing, sulking or shouting?

First of all, it’s important to pick the right time. First thing in the morning, particularly if they have a bus to catch or somewhere to be, is probably not that time. Give them some warning – after all, very few people are happy to have a camera thrust in their face without even the opportunity to run a brush through their hair!

Work with them…you may envisage an adorable photo of them in school uniform to display alongside the one from all those years ago marking their first day, but will they feel comfortable? Their prom outfit, if they have one, may be a better idea, or something else they would wear to go out in.

Involve their friends. Not only will this lessen the chances of the photoshoot descending into a family row, but it may even make it fun. If you want to treat them and turn it into a real celebration, we offer makeover sessions and photoshoots at our studio in Herne Bay High Street that would take all the stress away from you.

Let them see the photos – before they are printed. You may think they look adorable, but they’ll notice any hair that’s out of place or wonky eyeliner. Give them a chance to fix it and then try again. Maybe not 50 times, but within reason.

Relax and have fun. Remember why you are doing it; there’s nothing worse than an awkward pose and a forced smile. If you can both enjoy the experience then the results will be much better and you won’t have another battle over displaying the finished project.

Of course, if this all sounds like too much hard work, you can always give us a call. We have years of experience of working with families and people of all ages and we can make even the most reluctant model feel at ease. We may even be able to convince them to pose with you too for a beautiful keepsake or the perfect present for grandparents.

Good luck – let us know how you get on!

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