Phones at weddings – what’s your view?
Guests often use their phones or other devices to take photos - but should you ask them not to?

Phones at weddings – what’s your view?

You may have read the post by a fellow wedding photographer that has been shared all over the world, about the problems he has encountered with guests with camera phones.

Guests taking photos with their phones at a wedding
Would you mind seeing a sea of phones as you walk down the aisle?

It’s an interesting one and there were certainly some points he made that we could identify with. But there were also some other points that are worth considering for couples as they plan their weddings and choose their photographer.

First of all, Thomas Stewart says guests with phones, iPads and cameras get in his way and ruin shots. That’s certainly a possibility, but it’s something that experienced photographers can cope with. You pick a spot that will give you the best images and that isn’t dependent on guests staying in their seats like robots. You give guests the opportunity to take images that will remind them of their loved one’s wedding day. And you have the confidence to direct people and have a quiet word if that is what is needed.

Mr Stewart also says the devices mean brides and grooms miss moments of their wedding. It’s an interesting one. There are plenty of couples who have asked guests to keep their phones off or in their pockets so they can focus on the events, but would it really spoil your day? It’s the day you marry the love of your life, it’s the day you have dreamed of and planned and the day your wishes come true. Memories created on your wedding day will last forever. And a few cameraphones can’t change that.

A guest takes a photo using his phone
Say cheese – does it matter who’s taking the photo?

He goes on to say the resulting photos taken by guests are poor. Well, some of them may be, but some of them are not. And they often have a different angle to the professional photographers. They may be watching the little bridesmaid at just the right moment to catch her poking her tongue out at the page boy, or they may be able to get granny to pose with the bouquet when she would decline politely if professionals suggest it. There’s a place for everyone.

However, when Mr Stewart urges guests to watch with their eyes and minds, not their phones, we can’t help but agree. So often at weddings – and other events – people are only seeing things through their phones. We spend a lot of time looking through a lens, but there are times when you need to see the whole picture and really live the moment. And trust that your professional photographer will be recording those memories for you to look back on.