Ferry House Inn Wedding With Ceremony At Minster Abbey

Congratulations go out to Maria and Mike on their wedding at Minster Abbey followed by reception at Ferry House Inn.

Weddings at The Ferry House Inn

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Hadlow Manor Hotel Wedding with Ceremony at Corpus Christi Tonbridge

Congratulations to Kelly-Ann and Robert on their wedding at Corpus Christi in Tonbridge with reception at Hadlow Manor Hotel.

Set in the heart of beautiful Kent countryside and the perfect venue for a winter wedding. The elegant house and gardens were a wonderful backdrop for photography and have recently been updated to the splendour they are today.

More to follow….Hadlow Manor WeddingHadlow Manor WeddingHadlow Manor WeddingHadlow Manor WeddingHadlow Manor WeddingHadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor WeddingHadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor WeddingHadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor Wedding Hadlow Manor WeddingPlanning your wedding?
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Autumn weddings in the Garden of England

A bride and groom in countryside
A bride and groom in woodland
Autumn brides can take advantage of beautiful light and stunning scenery

Marilyn Monroe once described herself as a “warm, red autumn” and, on a gorgeous sunny day like yesterday was, it’s easy to see the appeal of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

It may come third after spring and summer in terms of popularity as a wedding season, but there are plenty of positives to be found in the cooler, crisper days of September, October and November.

Brides can take inspiration from the rich reds, oranges and golden hues and there are still plenty of flowers to choose from if you want to bring back memories of sultry summer days.

There will be less stressing about the weather, so you can plan for a rainy day but enjoy the sunshine if you are blessed with it.

Fewer people will be on holiday so more of those you care about are likely to be able to attend, and flights and hotels are likely to be less expensive so you could save money on your honeymoon – and avoid hordes of holidaymakers at the same time.

From a photographer’s point of view, the autumn light is just beautiful and, as sunset is earlier, there is more chance of stunning romantic shots without adding hours to the package. And darker evenings lend themselves to open fires and candles which can also make for some incredible images you’ll want to treasure forever.

You may not be able to show off a picture of the bridal party in a perfectly manicured garden full of summer blooms, but imagine instead your little bridesmaids (or even grown-up ones!) kicking up fallen leaves or with bouquets of berries.

Here in Kent, we are known as the Garden of England and with good reason, so why not take advantage of that and use the abundance of fruits in your wedding? From table decorations to delicious crumble, there’s a place for everything from apples to pumpkins if you so desire.

And your guests may thank you for it as they can add tights and jackets to their wedding outfits without fear of spending the day looking like a hot sweaty mess.

In short, we love autumn weddings in Kent – and we’d love to talk to you if you are planning one!

Roses are red, pink, blue, yellow…


Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

What sort of flowers

Will be best for you?

Okay, so there’s a reason we don’t write poems – but as roses have been a key feature at several of the weddings we have attended this summer we couldn’t resist starting off with that little rhyme.

The answer to the question, of course, is whatever you want – as with all things wedding, there are no rules and it’s entirely down to personal choice.

Wedding rings on a bouquet
Choosing flowers that are in season has so many benefits for the bride and groom

But if your knowledge of flowers is about as good as our attempts at poetry, these tips on some of the flowers that are in season throughout the year may be of assistance!

We’re in the height of summer now and there is no shortage of flowers, of almost every colour, shape and size. So where do you start?

If you’re having a country-themed wedding, take inspiration from gardens or parks. Asters and cornflowers are pretty and simple, and a bouquet of sweet peas will give off a heavenly scent.

A bride and her bouquet
Flowers can help bring your wedding theme together

If you want something more sophisticated, the lily family may meet your needs, or try orchids or delphiniums. And nothing says summer like the bright bloom of a sunflower, or a showy bunch of chrysanthemum or dahlia, or peony if your wedding is early in summer.

Autumn brides may choose the season’s golden hues and perhaps the tiny yellow flowers of the Mimosa, or acacia. If September is your month, many of summer’s flowers will still be available but if not try amaryllis, with its large, trumpet-shaped flowers, the delicate blooms of the anemone or the giant flowerheads of the hydrangea.

Gypsophila’s tiny white flowers work throughout the year, along with carnations, and contemporary brides often choose the daisy-like gerbera for a statement bloom.

Celosia’s flame-like heads are also fantastic for a dramatic display, or try echinops for something different – it would also work as your ‘something blue’!

If you’ve been put off the idea of a winter wedding because of the bare stems and terrible weather, think again. We can’t promise bright sunshine but there are plenty of flowers to add colour to your day, and need we mention Christmas as an added inspiration?

Winter brides may like to use the gorgeous scents of hyacinths, or the narcissus or daffodil for a cherry burst of colour. Lilacs also add fragrance, and Irises can be used as long as you don’t expect them to last too long.

Lisianthus goes well with roses, or try tulips or phlox for echoes of sunnier days to come.

If you have chosen spring for your nuptials, then there is a floral fantasia to choose from. The bridal staple of the Calla lily is in season, but for something different try blossom – cherry is one of our favourites. Lily of the valley also makes a gorgeous addition, or the tropical blooms of heliconia or stephanotis.

For added romance, try ranunculus, or Sweet William for a country wedding.

Winters Barn Country Wedding
Get ready...the bride is about to throw her bouquet

Whatever you choose, remember your bouquet should not overwhelm you and should complement the feel of your wedding. And if you’re thinking of throwing it, make sure it isn’t too heavy to avoid any accidental injuries to guests!