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Discover The BeauBelles Experience




Hairstyling Makeup)

One Hour Photoshoot

One Outfit Change

Lounge Setting

Bedroom Setting

Multimedia Presentation

Complimentary A4 Art




Two Hour Photoshoot

2 Outfit Changes

Lounge Setting

Bedroom Setting

Multimedia Presentation

Complimentary A4 Art


'Pure Indulgence'


Three Hour Photoshoot

Three+ Outfit Changes

Lounge Setting

Bedroom Setting

Studio Settings

Multimedia Presentation

Complimentary A4 Art


Welcome to BeauBelles the home of artistic boudoir and beauty photography.

We are thrilled you have found us.

BeauBelles is redefining the meaning of true beauty.

A beautiful woman is someone who not only feels beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.

We loved the name Beaubelles and wanted to create a very special,

and exclusive place for our artistic boudoir photography.


The Home of Artistic Beauty Photography

We are very excited and pleased to welcome you to our High Street gallery/studio,

home of our parent business (stylephotography).

With amazing facilities covering four floors, boasting prep/room for hair/make-up,

genuine lounge and bedroom areas, modern and vintage furnishings,

and studio facilities to give a sophisticated and unique look to your boudoir portraits.

It is the desire of all women to look and feel beautiful whatever shape or size.

Our team have the skills to put you at ease and assist your transformation.

You will be assigned your own personal stylist and photographer,

they will be with you throughout your session.

They have studied body angles, lighting, and posing for many years and

know the combinations of techniques that will flatter you the most.


Your True Beauty

Beaubelles will not edit you in photoshop so you look like someone you are not.

You are beautiful just the way you are!

Trust Beaubelles to bring out your best, with classic lighting, posing and discreet enhancements.

BeauBelles Boudoir helps you love who you are today.

You will experience an unveiling of your true self,

capturing your beauty forever with an uplifting, and unforgettable time.

You will be able to say, “I am Beautiful.”

BeauBelles Boudoir offers a unique new brand of artistic beauty photography.

But unlike other similar photography sessions our focus is on more than just your photos.

You will feel enlightened by the whole experience.

Now for the first time you can feel empowered to walk into a studio

with the confidence of a truly personal experience.



The BeauBelles Collections

Full range of Art Photographs, Wall Art, and Albums from £35-£695.





01227 370650EMAIL for news and
special offers beaubelles@stylecolour.co.uk

or text 07824 166141

Still Not Sure?

Okay so it’s not for everyone.

Were more than happy to chat about any concerns

or misgivings you may have before you decide to go ahead.

“Oh, I’ll do it when I’ve lost some weight.”

How long have you wasted telling yourself this?

We want you to feel beautiful the way you are.

We’re committed to make you look fantastic!



Part of the award winning
stylephotography group


71 High Street,

Herne Bay,

Kent CT6 5LQ

01227 370650